The Truth About Dads Buffet at Dads SM Megamall Branch

If you are looking for one of the best eat all you can restaurants along EDSA, check these great reviews from real people’s blogs about Dads Buffet Restaurant (Dads Megamall Branch).

Review of Jannah Marie Lopez of Cavite

She is a blogger since 2011 and she’s been blogging about beauty, fashion, housekeeping, food and random things in her life. She took the opportunity to dine it at Dads MegaMall when she took her IELTS exam in Ortigas. Here’s her review. She enjoyed much eating her favorite foods at Dads Buffet.

DADS Ultimate buffet is a combination of Dads Continental fare, Saisaki Japanese specialties and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino Cuisine.
Dads Menu 1Dads Menu 2Dads Menu 3Dads Menu 3

PLACE: It was spacious and the atmosphere was great. They had themed decorations for cuisines. The buffet tables were located on the center surrounded by seats and tables of diners.

FOOD: Crossover buffet food over all tasted good.

SERVICE: They serve drinks! Yey! Like literally. So no need to hassle yourself and just call a waiter to order their shakes, juice or tea.

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Review of Kriska Marie from her Sweet Nothings Blog

She was excited to have a dinner with her family and they took a culinary trip to the world at Dads World Buffets in SM Megamall.

Even before buffet restaurants sprouted like mushrooms, DADS buffet has already been a Filipino (and my dad’s) favorite with its continental, Japanese, and Filipino dishes through its DADS, Saisaki, and Kamayan buffets. The all-new DADS World Buffets at SM Megamall now offers a world of famous culinary specialties, all on top of its signature lineup.

dads eat all you can

Aside from the very extensive yet very affordable buffet spread, their customer service is also commendable. Their staff are very attentive to the needs of the diners, not to mention that they don’t charge for service fee! Great, isn’t it? They also make sure that every section of the buffet are well attended to and filled with food all the time, which is an added point since diners won’t have to experience waiting in long queues just to be left with an empty plate.

But there were a few misses too. While we didn’t have to wait in the buffet sections, the queue to their comfort room was a bit hard to bear. Their comfort rooms were a bit small, there were only two cubes for the ladies’ room, so diners had no choice but to wait for their turns and some just even settled for the mall’s restrooms. Gia and I also saw a couple of flies in the area, and their floor was also very slippery, the sticky kind of slippery I must add. And unlike other buffets with posh interiors, DADS just had a simple one, though decent enough to cater to the diners.

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Review of Ms. Jssica Wabbit from

She and her mother took merienda at Dads Megamall, and here are her positive and negative comments about the foods.

I started with the Filipino merienda favorites. Everything on my plate is just OK. The best would be the Dinuguan which was cooked very well. Not a big fan of their Okoy because I think it was flavorless and unappealing since the dish was soggy and oily. I like the Pancit Malabon and the Tokwa’t Baboy as well.

dads megamall menu

Most of the food I love on the buffet spread is here on the second plate. My fave would be the Corndogs though I must say that it’s not very different from the Corndogs that I cook for my niece and nephew and the mini tacos that I truly love. The pastas were not that good. The spaghetti tastes like the ones you can buy off the carinderias in our kanto while the pasta alfredo is bland for my taste. The shawarma could be better if the wrap is toasted, nevertheless its was so-so.  

dads megamall menu 2

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Dads Megamall YouTube Video: Dads Birthday Party Package?

This is AMAZINGLY FUNNY! The service crew of Dad’s performed a surprise birthday dance! Not sure if this is included automatically in their party package. But it wont hurt if you ask them to perform. Honey, can you request these guys to perform on my birthday? 🙂

Unbelievable ang Voice Quality ni Ate!

Now if you are not a party type of a person, check this SUPER voice of a performer! What a voice!

Watch This High Definition Video Of Dads Menu. It Will Make You Drool!

Tweets for Dads SM Megamall

Dads Menu

Dads has a wide variety of food from around the globe. They call this “Dads World Buffet”. You’ll enjoy foods from these countries:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Seafood
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Philippines
  • Japan

The list of the exact menu is too extensive and might be updated so check out the link on their website here.

Dads Price and Promo


PROMO PERIOD: Extended up to July 31, 2014

Monday-Friday Lunch P 488 (reg. price P688)

Monday-Friday Dinner P 688 (reg.price P 788)

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Lunch&Dinner P788 (reg.price P888)

CHILDREN’s Buffet Price:

4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P348 • Weekends & Holidays P398

3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P298 • Weekends & Holidays P348

Below 3 ft. – Free

  KAMAYAN Buffet Price Schedule: Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks Mon-Sun Lunch & Dinner Reg. price P518 Children’s Kamayan Buffet Price: 4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P 308 • Weekends & Holidays P358 3′- Below 4 ft. Weekdays P 258 • Weekends & Holidays P308 Below 3 ft. – Free
  SAISAKI Buffet Price Schedule: Includes Bottomless Shakes, Juices & Softdrinks Mon-Fri Lunch Reg. price P 638 Mon-Fri Dinner Reg. price P 738 Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays Lunch&Dinner Reg. price P 738 Children’s Saisaki Buffet Price: 4′-4′.6″ Weekdays P328 • Weekends & Holidays P378 3′ – Below 4 ft. Weekdays P278 • Weekends & Holidays P328 Below 3 ft. – Free
70 Yrs Old and Above -50% OFF
No Service Charge
No Sharing
No LeftOver
Add P 200 for LeftOver
Only One (1) Promo Applies. Valid Only On Regular Adult Price.


world_buffet footer


Dads Branches

  • Level 4 Bridgeway, SM Megamall EDSA, Mandaluyong City
  • Contact No. (632) 636-3785; (632) 633-1758
  • 207 EDSA, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City –
  • Contact No. (632) 722-8125; (632) 705-1807
       Click here to view map
  •  #523 Merchant Bldg., Padre Faura cor. Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila
  • Contact No. (632) 528-1723 to 24; (632) 521-9490
        Click here to view map 
  • 15 West Avenue, Quezon City
  • Contact No. (632) 372-8845; (632) 374-3767
        Click here to view map 
  • 2nd Level, Glorietta 3 Ayala Center, Makati City
  • Contact No. (632) 892-8898; (632) 892-8897
        Click here to view map

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