The Best and Worst of KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Review

Today we will be reviewing KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Restaurant. We’ve heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant and we will be sharing the best and will certainly not hide the worst reviews to you.

The first review comes from, he basically had a good time with his group  of friends at KingOne Rotary Hot Pot restaurant.

One thing that makes King One different from other shabu-shabu restaurants is their rotary belt that holds all of the ingredients that you can get for your soup. We were quite a big group so we sat far away from the rotating belt but we were given a checklist where we can just tick off the items that we’d like to get. Very convenient!

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Sauce

While waiting for our soup to be prepared, I was busy mixing up my sauce. No shabu-shabu meal is complete without my dipping sauce. It adds more flavor to everything and for garlic lovers like me, you can put in as much chopped garlic as you want! My special sauce consists of lots of garlic, spring onions, satay and I added a few fried garlic too!

I highly recommend that you go early to get a good head start and to be able to try the popular items available. We were there at exactly 12 noon and they were already out of fresh scallops by then.

After enjoying your meal, make sure to save space for dessert as you’ll be given a refreshing fruit platter to cleanse your taste buds. We enjoyed the juicy sweet watermelon and the equally juicy yet tangy pineapple. This was a surprised and Paul and I were both very impressed that we were really getting value for our money!

King One Rotary Hot Pot is the sister restaurant of the popular YakiMix which I have yet to try myself.  We loved it so much that it’s likely that we’ll be back next week!

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KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Price

  • Php 479 per person for Lunch (Monday to Saturday)
  • Php 529 per person for Lunch (Sunday)
  • Php 529 per person for Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Menu

The following pictures and reviews comes from The menu looks yummy and the sea foods sure looks fresh!

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Menu 1

Look at the shrimps below! They are medium sized shrimps that are fresh and oh so juicy! 🙂

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Menu 2

Oysters. You can have an oyster all you can here. But that won’t be too healthy. Haha! They also have scallops, I wanted to order them but no more space!

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Menu 3

And the fish! I can forever eat fish. I had one more serving of this only for myself. =)) Their fish fillet was really good.

Fresh Beef Balls with Cheese. This was pure goodness. But wait until you try the Mozarella Cheese Balls, they were awesome.

These Mozarella Cheese Balls that I will never forget. Fishball filled with oozing cheese. It was so surprisingly yum that I asked for another order. They were reaaaally good and now they’re my favorite! I know, I know. I eat too much.

Then here comes the Meaaaaat!! 😀

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Menu 4

I believe this was the Fat Beef. They really serve a hefty plate of it. D’s the meat fan but I enjoyed it all the same. Still, my love belongs to the seafood. 😛

If I’m not mistakes, these are the Lamb Slices.

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One important thing for you to enjoy a Shabu Shabu experience is that you should know how to make your own sauce. Or at least have someone with you who is experienced enough. But don’t worry, you can just ask for the waiter to make a “special sauce” for you just like what KitchenBaby did the second time they visited KingOne with her husband.   

My husband Raul and I first heard about King One from his boss. He told Raul that it was the best Shabu-Shabu restaurant he has eaten in and that this restaurant was his favorite. Curious, we drove that following weekend to King One to give it a try. Since the only Shabu-Shabu restaurant that we know of is Healthy Shabu Shabu in Rockwell at that time, we didn’t know how to mix our own dipping sauce, which Healthy Shabu Shabu provided. So our first King One experience wasn’t that memorable for us. This happened a few months ago. Then, a few months went by and we decided to try it out for the second time, (this was just a couple of weeks ago), and our experience this time was different. For some reason, we enjoyed King One and we loved it! The waiter sensed that we didn’t know what sauce to make and he offered to make us their “special sauce”. It was just DELICIOUS! KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Special Sauce The table will come with a checklist. You can either go to the rotary to pick up your ingredients, or just check them of your checklist and the waiters will go and get it for you (I know! Spoiled!). You can also tell the waiters directly what soup you want, they have 9 (yes, nine!) kinds of soup: Satay Soup, Century Egg Wansoy Soup, Spicy Szechuan Soup, Plain Soup, Hong Kong Curry Soup, Korean Kimchi Soup, Thailand Tom Yan Soup, Hong Kong Style Pork Soup, and Superior Beef Soup. KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Checklist You can view more of the menu from KitchenBaby’s blog here


A YouTube Video Of KingOne Rotary Hot Pot

Compared to other Eat All You Can Restaurants like Vikings and Yakimix, this restaurant doesn’t have much people taking videos. I wonder why. They should encourage such videos to promote their restaurant; just our two cents for you KingOne! Nevertheless here’s a decent YouTube video of the restaurant from Mr. Elmer Pueblo. All credits to him.

Negative Review of KingOne

Warning! Do not scroll down if you have a poor stomach.

This negative review came from tsikot forum last 2012. It’s around two years ago so we are not sure if management already put quality control on their food before and after serving.

The report came from czw2005 a tsikot member. 

Special “Worm” Beef Ball KingOne Rotary Hotpot

Yesterday, i was eating in the KingOne Rotary Hotpot Macapagal with my friends, one of my friend discovered this thing in picture! this is not a rice worm, or a vegetable worm, i don’t want to describe it, it s so Disgusting.

The management can’t give us a good explanation about this thing, they even want to get the worm, but i rejected it….

Finally we accepted their apologize. but i must expose this to all of you! so we can’t prevent this thing happens again. – czw2005 

so how many meatballs have you consumed before discovering that “worm” in the meatballs?
yukkk!  – chua_riwap 

We consumed 3-4 balls before one of my friend discovered it, and the worm was still moving… i don’t know if it was coming from inside… we did not touch the worm…

Wait…it’s a hot pot? Hindd naluto yun bulate? – shadow 

I don’t know if this “bulate” is cooked or not, we got the ball from the hotpot, and see it was attached on the ball… – czw2005 

I have similar experience with King One.. Langaw naman sa drinks.. its in between the jelly and the glass… kaya hirap tangalin… hehehe… – 1997 

KingOne Rotary Hot Pot Worm In Meatballs

You can read the original forum thread here.

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