Something Fishy Restaurant in Eastwood Philippines on their eat all you can breakfast buffet

Baked Ham is a famous Philippine dish . It is a Baked Meat Dish .
Baked Ham is a famous Philippine dish . It is a Baked Meat Dish .


If you are in Eastwood at four in the morning and striving in hunger for food , then you are in luck ! Adrianne Chieko of has found a Something Fishy Eastwood that would be available for you from 12 midnight up to 10:00 AM on their eat all you can breakfast buffet at a very affordable price of Php169.00 per head without drinks (It was for Php159 back in 2010).

Baked Ham at Something Fishy Eastwood
Baked Ham at Something Fishy Eastwood

For me, Somethin’ Fishy’s Midnight to Morning Buffet is one of the cheap and reasonable buffets because at the price of Php. 159 you can have unlimited waffles, mini pancakes, french toasts, sliced bananas, sliced apples, pandesal(yeast raised bread), sliced bread, baked ham, fried spring rolls (fried lumpia), fried rice, hotdogs, spams, plain scrambled eggs, Spanish omelette, tapa(marinated beef strips), tocino (sweetened cured pork), Spanish sardines, sardines in tomato sauce, fish fingers, sweet and sour pork, siomai (dimsum), stir fried noodles, (pancit), palabok, fried milkfish (bangus), adobong manok(marinated chicken), adobong baboy (marinated pork), tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork), lugaw (congee), champorado (chocolate/cacao rice porridge), mami(noodle soup), putobumbong (steamed glutinous rice), bibingka (rice cake), maja(coconut cake), jello, palitaw (sweet rice cake), biko (rice cake) and sliced banana fritters. I bet you didn’t expect that much!

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Something Fishy Eastwood Restaurant Address and Contact Number
  • Address: Unit B2&B3 Eastwood Citywalk, Bagumbayan Quezon City ,Quezon City ,Philippines
  • Contact No. : 024216412,024216413 ,024212121

Another review of the same restaurant  is from Michael from . He visited Something Fishy Eastwood City for the first time for breakfast buffet .

Michael at Somethin Fishy Eastwood City Restaurant
Michael at Something Fishy Eastwood City Restaurant

  It was a decent breakfast, the choices are great and varied but none that really made a huge impression.  I recommend Somethin’ Fishy’s breakfast buffet to diners who are budget conscious and to those who aren’t really particular with the ‘ambiance.’  But if you are, go find another restaurant.  This is not a place for romantic dates, but I think would be awesome for family celebrations or group hang outs.  In fact, I was overhearing happy family chatter and huge group of friends just exchanging stories over a hearty meal.  They’re the ones who’s making the place fun.

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From all the reviews , Something Fishy Eastwood City has the cheapest Breakfast Buffet just at Php169 per person but its excluding a drink. Nevertheless , it also offers drink-all-you-can at P60, which includes Coca-cola, sprite,coffee,tea and juice . Baked Ham and Beef Tapa seems most tempting . Apart from these two , whenever I happen to visit Something Fishy Eastwood , I would surely try Banana Waffles with Chocolate Topping in desserts. Moreover open service and attractive environment over there , pulls me from inside to visit this place once at least .

Dessert Banana Waffles with Chocolate Toppings
Dessert Banana Waffles with Chocolate Toppings

Below is the review video of Saytiocoartillero for Something Fishy Eastwood City, Philippines . I don’t know what type of food you actually relish , but it seems really very yummy and tempting .

Negative Review for Something Fishy Eastwood City

Rain from saw something fishy in Somethin Fishy check out Rain’s review here. This was taken February 2013 and was already taken to the attention of their manager, so maybe they’ve already taken measures to prevent this. But again, pay attention on what you put on your mouth… don’t just gulp everything 🙂

something fishy cockroachsomethin fishy cockroach

The manager was kind enough to assist us with what we saw and he offered to change it with a new one. He also apologized but explained to us that whenever they cook puto bumbong, it’s covered. He’s trying to say that it’s clean which is okay with me. It’s natural to defend his staff. Arvee asked for a letter stating that he acknowledged our concern and in case something wrong happened to us, they will be held responsible for it. He negotiated with us again by not paying our bill. He also said that they don’t give letters. I asked him how do they deal with situation like this? He wanted us to be satisfied with his apology. Arvee insisted to give us a letter or note about what happened. He didn’t give us a letter but he gave us their main office’ contact number. I think this is the best thing he can do. I don’t want to rate their customer service but it’s up to you to judge.


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