Red Box Eat All You Can Buffet at Greenbelt Makati

Eat All You Can Buffet in Makati? Do you like to Sing? Then look no further!

If you do your singing using a token or card operated Videoke (like the one in Time Zone) it will cost you around 20 Pesos per song. For a Php400 budget, it will only be good for 20 songs and will take you just around 1.5 hours of singing.

But if you go to Red Box during their Eat All You Can Buffet Lunch, for the same price you can sing around 40 songs and for about 3 hours. Plus the Eat All You Can Buffet!!! Plus your very own private room.

So if you’re with your special someone and just the two of you, you basically have 20 songs and 1.5 hours each (again) PLUS the Eat All You Can Buffet… still a sure bang on the buck!

If you do the math, the fewer the people the better of course because you have lesser time to wait before it’s you turn again to sing! But if you like having more company than singing, the more the merrier!


  • Deliciousness of Food: 4.5 out of 5 Food is delicious!
  • Variety of Dishes: 4 main dishes, 2 desserts, 2 side dishes, 1 drink (ice tea, softdrink or beer). One thing I observed is that they have almost the same food every time (or at least the couple of times we visited them).
  • Rate of Food Replenishment: No problem
  • Service: 3.5 out of 5. You have phone in your room to call service desk… usually for placing extra orders. Sometimes you need to wait and redial when there are many customers. One time it opened late (12:20) instead of exactly 12:00 noon. So we asked for a corresponding extension and they obliged.
  • Uniqueness: Videoke and privacy.
  • Restroom Cleanliness: 2 out 5 (busted urinals)
  • Overall Experience: 4 out of 5. I rate it high, mainly because I love to sing with my better half. It’s a form of stress reliever after a crazy work week. Great selection of songs, almost updated with new ones.

After the Eat All You Can buffet at Redbox Greenbelt Makati, you can stroll in the beautiful garden at Greenbelt 5. You can also visit the Greenbelt Museum. Or do your shopping at Landmark, SM Makati, Glorieta Mall and of course Greenbelt.


 The 399 Eat All You Can Buffet does not include yet the 10% service charge and the 1% local tax. Me and my wife paid a total of Php 876.38 (just computed it right now and I don’t know how they came to this number… I think I need to review my Math)


 Green Beans with Bacon

I’m not a vegetable lover type of guy but I like this. Pwede mo na itong i-ulam kase may bacon.

Pan Fried Dory With Tartar Sauce

Yummy! But the tartar sauce ran out at 2:30pm.

Roasted Chicken Breast with Tomato Marmalade

I’m allergic to chicken so NO COMMENT.

Grilled Porkloin Inasal

The best! It’s soft and perfectly grilled. Sorry for the blurred shot.


 Call 757-6188 to reserve a room 

The Map to Red Box Greenbelt 3 Makati


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