Pizza Ranch Buffet Review: $3 less and it would be unbeatable!!


Pizza Ranch Buffet Review

This is one restaurant that I cannot seem to have enough of – and I literally mean that. In all the states that I have travelled I almost been I remember Pizza ranch locations by state. Where it be in Pizza Ranch le mars ia hours or Pizza Ranch watertownsd or Pizza Ranch mn or Pizza Ranch papillion ne or ifratelli pizza valley ranch irvingtx or Pizza Ranch mt pleasant iowa or even Pizza Ranch le sueurmn – have been there and dined on the buffet until it is hard to even breath (still worth it).

The fascinating thing about Pizza Ranch is that you will find almost completely opposite reviews, some people will make it seem like heaven on earth and some will make it feel like a cesspit, truth is – it lies exactly in the middle of the both. Since this buffet occupies the higher spectrum of price, expectations are often higher than comparatively similar places – every mistake is noted and every positive is considered as granted. In a way, this buffet gets a hard judgment and herein the problem exists.

It is though essentially a family restaurant that is ideal for kids and families and people like me who love pizzas and chicken (an odd combination that still works perfectly). They really bend over backwards to accommodate customers and their service is almost always sharp yet the high price requires a high standard off them – which is justifiable.

I would keep my personal love for pizzas at a side and try to provide you some cold hard facts about the place – hopefully you will be able to make your own mind

Pizza Ranch buffet price per personCategoryLunchDinnerAvg Drink
How much is pizza ranch buffet?Adult$9.12 + drink11.47 + drink$1.00
Pizza Ranch Child buffet?Kids < 3 Eat Free. Tuesday Deal Kids < 10 eat free with one adult deal. Every other day Kids < 10 80 cents per yer
DiscountsSenior Citizen + Military + Uniform (10%)
Pizza Ranch near me / Nearest Pizza Ranch
Pizza Ranch buffet menu
How much is the cost of Drinks?AssortmentPrice  
How much does Pizza Ranch buffet cost?Approx. $13

The atmosphere at Pizza Ranch:

Warm, simple and very western J (if you had not guessed by the name so far)

The staff is exceptional, hardly ever seen someone who is grumpy or lazy and the buffet is well served and fresh. If you require an item from the menu that is not available in the buffet – no need to worry. Just let them know and they will bring it fresh at your table.

Drawback: The buffet is served faster so if you have made the mistake of ordering while accompanying person has ordered a buffet – chances are you will not even be starting while your friend will be done with the buffet

It is generally noisy with lots of kids but you should be used to such an environment in a buffet.

In terms of ambience: 4/5 (it works and looks easy on the eyes)

The food at Pizza Ranch:

Pizzas, more pizzas, choice pizzas, Salad (not worth going into detail), chicken (delightfully different from all other options that the market has to offer), Dessert (ice cream included) and even dessert pizza.

The best bit is it caters for both vegetarians and has gluten free options for gluten allergic people.

The crust variety, the flavors are the freshness has almost been a standard wherever I have been. Never got a stale Pizza!!

The Chicken may take some time to get used to but once you are – it is purely a joy on the palate.

Salads – I have never been encouraged to go for them. Never look like an option and frankly if I was to pick for Salads I would go other places.

Side orders are good and worth trying.

Buffet Tip: Don’t worry if your favorite is not on the buffet, they cater for such demands and will provide you with as many fresh slices as you can devour

Food: 4.5/5 –A notch below famous pizzerias but by all means special.

What People Think About Pizza Ranch?

Sarah thinks that she is lucky to live far away from the place because if she was any closer – she would be rolling on the floor instead of walking.

I’m very glad that we don’t have a Pizza Ranch with a hundred miles of our home because I ate goodness knows how many calories at that buffet of delicious death. Pizza, fried chicken, and other assorted junk food is just not something Sarah should have anywhere near her for fear of her turning into the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s fat, ugly sister who giggles like a chipmunk. Not flattering.

Excerpt from

Chad may not be as in love with Pizza Ranch as me ..

Tonight cooking was not going to happen so we tried a place in Hudsonville called Pizza Ranch. The location is an old strip mall with basic decorations. The focus of the restaurant was clearly on the food and not on selling you “ambiance” or “an experience”. The place was also packed with both people and seating. There was a but as well as items off the menu. The buffet was open so that is what we went with.

The buffet itself consisted of three parts; salad, pizza and fried chicken. The salad bar was solid food service style, solid, but nothing to write home about. It was the kind of salad you can get anywhere with the strengths and weaknesses inherit. The pizza, however, was good. They had a wide variety of options and it was busy enough that it was always fresh. The chicken was a mixed bag. The coating was not to my liking. It lacked flavor and almost tasted burnt. However once the coating was removed the chicken underneath was quite good.

Excerpt from

And Hank has a really interesting tale worth sharing with the readers

Since that unfine dining experience, I hadn’t been to a Pizza Ranch until I went to the one in Jackson, Minnesota in August when I accompanied a group of chess players after we finished playing in the Jackson Open. It was late and the buffet was closed but we were hungry and it was the only restaurant in town still open after 8pm. Everyone else had a personal pizza but I was worried about falling asleep on the 4 hour drive home with a pizza in my gut so I ordered a side of garlic cheese bread instead. The garlic cheese bread was great – thick soft bread with a generous layer of gooey pizza cheese on top. It was so awesome that the next weekend I dragged Kathy to the Pizza Ranch in Marshalltown so she could have some of this great garlic cheese bread I discovered at the Pizza Ranch. Unfortunately, Marshalltown, Iowa is not the equal of Jackson, Minnesota when it comes to Pizza Ranch garlic cheese bread. Kathy’s garlic cheese bread was dry with a thin layer of burnt brown cheese on top and she thought I must have been so crazed with hunger in Jackson that anything I ate would have been the best food ever.

More from

And Pizza Ranch people are even letting communities share the pleasure of watching how they make magic happen.

We had a blast learning about how pizza is made at the Pizza Ranch. The students were very polite and well behaved and we even got ice cream and pizza for lunch! We are spoiled with all these food field trips!


Pizza Ranch On Social Media

An Interesting Take On Pizza Ranch

And to give you a feel of how it looks like when it is empty (never seen that)

Also, I am not the only one craving for this one

Why it works:

Amazing Chicken – great pizzas – quality service

Why it does not work:

 $3 more in my view – especially as I don’t have any kids

Should you go there?


Should you go there often?

If your arteries can deal with the extra layer of cholesterol J

Final Verdict:

4.5/5 – Just a tad bit expensive – great deals for family and definitely worth trying!!!

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