Max Chicken All You Can

Another Eat All You Can News Promo for you hungry fans of!

Max’s Chicken All You Can is back!


Video Courtesy of Marcotizer – Youtube 

Promo Details

  • This is only valid on below selected Max’s Restaurants
  • Promo is from August 20 to 26, 2012.
  • Promo Hours: 6:00pm to 10:00pm only. So be there early, ‘coz there will certainly be a lot of people ^_^
  • First come first served basis (kailanan pa bang imemorize yan?)
  • Valid for Dine-in customers only (syempre naman, lugi si Max kung itetakeout ko para sa buong baranggay)
  • Serving size of chickens will be in quarter pieces.
  • Strictly sharing and leftovers are not allowed.
  • Chicken will be served after each piece has been consumed.


Tips To Make The Most Bang For The Buck

  • Be early. The early bird eats the early chickens.
  • Don’t be shy to say NO if the crew offers you other foods (e.g. pancit, chopsuey) unless you really want to! It’s one of their sales tactics. Minsan lang to George! Huwag sayangin ang gutom sa ibang putahe!
  • Don’t order rice. If you really want to, order one and just one. Magpakabusog sa manok wag sa kanin. 
  • Again, one of our rules in eating all you can is not to drink too much. Pangemergency lang pag mabibilaukan sa sarap ng Max Fried Chicken!


What We Like and Don’t Like

The first serving we had was a disappointment. The chickens were kinda “old”, hard to describe but the crew immediately replaced them with new ones with the same flavor of Max Fried Chicken we have loved since childhood.

Crew suggesting other menu made us a little bit reluctant so we ordered chopsuey. Anyway it is good to have some vegetables if you eat meat (proper food combination). But they should know that people are there for the promo. Tune down the sales talk a little 🙂

And finally, of course on top of the unlimited chickens that are Sarap to the Bones is the opening…

Chicken Dance Move!

Video Courtesy of Maxs0130- Youtube 


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