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Kamay Kainan Market Market Video Review (Transcription)

  Kamay Kainan Market Market 20121130_112212 Hello everyone! Welcome to EatAllYouCanRestaurants.com Today we are going to Market Market in Taguig. Right now we’re in EDSA and we will take McKinley Road. We’re going to try Kamay Kainan Eat All You Can Buffet. I’m expecting heavy traffic since it’s a holiday here in the Philippines (November 30 – Bonifacio Day).  If you are going south nearing Ayala, don’t take the tunnel. We’re going to take a left here. So right back there is the Ayala road and this is the McKinley Road. So you just go straight and check the map down this post and I’ll see you there! <Insert Map> Me: Say Hi Wifey: Hi 🙂 So that’s my wife and back there is Kamay Kainan (just nea’r car park). So this is Market Market. Let’s check it out, let’s go inside!  



Inside Kamay Kainan Market Market

It will take us two hours maximum (allowed time to stay). There is no start and end time (unlike other eat all you can restaurants). Add bottom-less ice tea to your buffet for only 40 pesos each. Kamay Kainan Price: So it’s Php 289.16 for this eat all you can buffet for two hours.

Kamay Kainan Menu (Partial List)

Lechon: Outside is there is the lechon or roasted pig being cut to half. Here in the Philippines that’s the main dish whenever there is a fiesta. I think that’s free (as displayed outside to attract more customers). I’m going to take a closer view. Crab: Crab crab crab! And we have that salted egg. Kamay Kainan 20121130_114338 There are a lot of people (customers and serving crew) outside waiting in line. But you just need to ask for your order (of lechon from one of their crew) and they will bring some of that pork meat in your table. So since we are in Kamay Kainan, my wife is using her hands to eat. Kamay = Hands. Kainan = Eating So basically it’s “eat with your hands”… just like that. Even if you have spoons, it’s better to use your hands in taking out that crab meat out of its shell. Eating is even tastier using your hands (just wash your hands first). Where’s my lechon? (After few minutes) my lechon just arrived 🙂 Look at that roasted skin pork! Mmmm… and that sauce. It will take a while before you’ll have your order of lechon just order it in advance (if it is being served ‘coz it’s just a promo) because they still have to chop it and a lot of people waiting in line. So let me try this one. (after my first bite) It’s really really very crunchy (the pork skin). Just deep it in this special sauce… just like that and take a bit. (crunch crunch crunch… mmmm… mmmm… mmmm…) It’s really very crunchy, cooked fresh and it’s still warm. And then there’s this sinigang na hipon (perfect combination, pangtanggal umay). And they are quickly replenishing it (the sinigang na hipon) back there because it’s pretty much in demand.Kamay Kainan 20121130_113012 There’s a lot of people back there, as you can see. It’s a holiday today and it’s expected to have a lot of people in place like this (Eat All You Can Restaurants). There’s the ice-cream, here we call it “dirty ice-cream” but it’s not actually dirty. We just call it “dirty ice-cream”. And my honey is waiting in line. Just use the scoop just like that. Kamay Kainan 20121130_115837 This “dirty ice-cream” or the popular Mang Sorbetero Ice-Cream. And this ice-cream has mango (or mango flavored).   And this is… what do you call that? Japanese cake? And what is that? Palitaw? Wifey: there’s no sugar Me: You forgot the sugar? Wifey: No there’s no sugar Me: (we’ll just ask) Kamay Kainan 20121130_112559 Kamay Kainan 20121130_112545












Palitaw is made of rice? Galapong… and I still have my lechon here, very crunchy (happy ^_^) Free Tempura: They are now giving away a free compliment of Kamay Kainan (Market Market Taguig Branch) a free tempura. It’s not included in the all you can eat buffet, it’s just a free compliment and only available from 11:30 am to 12:30 nn. I don’t know if one plate is only good for two… if your table has six people, I don’t know how much tempura will you be receiving (maybe three). The reason why this (tempura) is just a free compliment of Kamay Kainan is because it is a Japanese dish… not a Filipino Dish (since Kamay Kainan is one of the best Filipino restaurant it focuses on Filipino dish). 

How is it honey?Me and Honey at Kamay Kainan Market Market

Wifey: Taste good but it’s small. Can I have one? I’ll try it, dunk and…. mmmm… still hot! mmmm yam yam. Just don’t forget to NOT EAT THE TAIL. But if you are hungry enough maybe you can! 🙂 (end of transcript)  

What We Did NOT Like About Kamay Kainan Market Market Branch

I don’t mind too many people, but there was no waiting area for people who have no sits yet. One group sat their grandma in our table. Since she’s an old lady, we don’t want to be rude ‘coz she really need to sit down. So we were thinking that their just waiting for another table to be vacated but one of them sat beside grandma and I was forced to sat beside my wife sharing our small table with them.

We still have one more hour left. What I usually do in an eat all you can buffet is to wait for 30 minutes and then go back for another set. But since they were occupying our space and their friends seems to be impatiently waiting for us to leave, wifey and I asked for our bill, paid and left.

If grandma was not there, I could have asked the crew to have them wait outside. But that’s life. Still happy with the food though 🙂

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