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Bonus: RedBox Star

Eat All You Can Trinoma - RedBox Star

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RedBox is a very famous KTV destination in the metro. It is made for people who love to sing, eat, and drink at the same time. RedBox has 4 branches, and all branches have different rates to offer. RedBox Trinoma used to have 5 available packages, one of which is what’s known as the Elvis Hours which offers an eat all you can Trinoma experience for only PHP299.00 per head.

Eat All You Can Trinoma - RedBox Star

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However, recently, RedBox Trinoma decided to scrap the unlimited buffet from Elvis Hours and the rate downsized to PHP199.00 per head.

… We were asked to choose either pork or chicken for our main dish. They also served some vegetables and sweets. We placed an order of iced tea for our drinks. I wish Redbox bring back their buffet style of lunch or dinner. I was kinda surprised when I found out that they changed it to a set meal.


RedBox Trinoma does still have a buffet to offer, but it went from Elvis Hours (at 11 am to 2 pm) to Gaga Hour (at 8 pm to 12 mn). The Gaga Hour rate is PHP399.00 per head, but if you would like to enjoy the eat all you can Trinoma treat, you’d have to make an additional payment of PHP199.00. Plus, the buffet is only available from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Eat All You Can Trinoma - RedBox Star

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Total rip-off, I know. You may choose to contact RedBox Trinoma and inquire if they ever decide to bring back the cheaper buffet. Let us know if anything changes!

Contact Information

Address: 4/F Trinoma, EDSA corner North Avenue, Barangay Pagasa, Quezon City

Phone: (02) 901-8833

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Trinoma has always been a top destination for mall goers and the existence of these eat all you can Trinoma restos only make the mall a lot more appealing. Do pay these buffet restaurants a try and tell us just how amazing buffets are in Trinoma!

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