Eat All You Can Trinoma – Top 4

1. Yakimix

Eat All You Can Trinoma - Yakimix

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As one of the most famous buffet restaurants in the metro, Yakimix is widely known for serving Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisines that will definitely tickle your taste buds. It is also known for giving its guests a chance to have a smokeless grill dining experience.

Eat All You Can Trinoma - Yakimix

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Yakimix in Trinoma was quiet huge, with 3 rows of buffet spread. The 1st row, was for raw meats. The 2nd was cooked foods, the 3rd for salads, soups and others. There was also a separate table for dessert. Drinks were also free-flowing and included in the buffet price of P620.

My take: I think this was my 1st Japanese food sample. I was surprised that the foods were on the spicy side, which falls in my criteria. Their buffet spread was somehow extensive too. I just noticed that they were slow in refilling food especially those of the crowd’s favorite like tempura.

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My first trip: Dessert buffet table. I picked these two as my appetizers: coffee jelly and blueberry cheesecake. Their desserts are typical, with cakes from Red Ribbon and ice cream from Selecta, plus a few traditional sweets like leche flan and mango sago. I still prefer Dads Ultimate Buffet (Dads Kamayan Saisaki Buffet) for desserts.

They have a wide selection of marinated fish and meat choices for grilling – tanigue, spicy chicken, squid, crab sticks, barbecue beef sticks, roll fat beef, salmon belly, vegetable pork rolls, and spicy bacon among others.

They also have more than 20 varieties of sushi and sashimi. My favorites are tamago sashimi, california maki, crunchy salmon roll, spicy salmon maki, and hawaiian island maki.

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Most of the cooked foods were delicious, I barely cooked since there were few choices to cook. Most of the uncooked food was meat and I am not a meat lover 🙁 so yeah curse me for such a picky person in buffet resto. Like what I said they have a quite large selection of desserts, but the negative part there was some of its taste and looks like old. Anyway, I enjoy all food that I picked so do not worry foods were delicious.

What made me a bit annoyed were the crews. They were freakishly alert/attentive to the point that they were interrupting our discussions. They were like every seconds checking and checking I swear they were like that I am not exaggerating it. I know that was supposed to be a good thing but I think no ALL of us (me and my friends) think they were annoying like hell. I don’t say that they need to stop being alert but somehow they should minimize their alertness because some customers really get disturbed by them. Other things, aside from being attentive they should memorize or be familiar with their foods. One of my friends asked what the cake’s flavor the crew didn’t know. I suggest be familiar with what you offered or at least have the initiative to ask your supervisor or what then tell the customer.

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Contact Information

Address: 4th Level, TriNoma Mall, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (+63 2) 861-1718

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