7 Eat All You Can In Quezon City Below 300 Pesos

4. Love Desserts

Eat All You Can In Quezon City - Love Desserts

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While some may think that buffet should always tantamount to full meals, that’s not exactly correct. With a different spin on Eat All You Can In Quezon City is the first ever desserts buffet restaurant in the entire country — Love Desserts! For a very affordable price of PHP199.00, Love Desserts offers a wide variety of cupcakes, brownies, cookies, ice cream, and a lot more for a truly sweet experience.

Eat All You Can In Quezon City - Love Desserts

Photo credit: https://theskychick.files.wordpress.com/

Customers are only allowed to stay for a maximum of 2 hours. Make sense, since the place could only fit about 20 people and you’ll never really need more than 2 hours until the sugar gets in your head and kick you out. They have all sorts of cakes, cookies, creme puffs, leche flan, sylvannas, salads and more (I dont know most of the name because they all look alike to me. Hah!). … Yes, they have crepes, which was one of the things that amazed me. I remember buying crepe for around 150pesos. This time, I can have as much I want. And their crepes are pretty awesome, especially when top with your favorite ice cream (Yes! Unlimited SUGAR-FREE icecreams).

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Of all the pile of sweet desserts, I’ve seen Nacho, dynamite and singkamas with bagoong and good thing they do have these because it neutralized all the sweet taste of their desserts. I super love the nacho, though it’s seems to be made up of crispy lumpia wrapper, it is very tasty.

Overall,  though their desserts are not that exceptional but we are really satisfied and the price is reasonable. The dining area may not that spacious but its clean, air conditioned and properly lit. There are also plenty of friendly staff to assist you. The food stations are also well organized. A must try for sweet lovers!!! Highly recommended!!! =)

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My favorite amongst everything Love Desserts offered was their version of nachos.

Instead of the corn tortilla, they use flavored lumpia wrappers then they toss it with onions, tomatoes, ground beef and cheese. Your choice of cheesy or spicy tomato salsa. All it took was an awesome imagination and lots of love to turn something ordinary into extraordinary. 🙂

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Contact Information

Address: 95 Banang St. Cor G. Roxas St, Quezon City, 1115 Metro Manila

Phone: (02) 239 0745

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