Eat All You Can In Davao City – Top 10

8. Chippens

Chippens - Eat All You Can - Davao City

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Chippens actually started as a pastry shop in 1987. Then in 1995 it became a fast food store. Now, it’s one of the most popular buffet restaurants in Davao. And all you need is P348 to enjoy their food.

Chippens Buffet Restaurant Davao City

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Chippens is probably the most famous locally owned buffet restaurant. We’ve grown up celebrating special occasions in this homegrown establishment. We always go back for more. The highlight is probably the yummy and unlimited blueberry cheesecake!

348 php without drinks
375 php with drinks
Pros: We are assured of very delicious food and chic ambiance. Perfect for Christmas get-togethers.
Cons: People are somewhat confused with the location. Zab’s Buffet now owns the old Chippens location. You can find the new location in Padre Gomez.
Contact Details:
Address: Padre Gomez St., Davao City (in front of Chippens Cafe)
Contact Number: (082) 221 0442 (082) 226 4340

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