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5. Probinsya

Eat All You Can - Probinsya - Davao City

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So it is logical to eat the most that you can during breakfast, right? Right! Probinsya offers of a variety of rice, viands and Filipino desserts that can give you more than enough energy for the rest of the day. According to that site, the eat all you can breakfast is priced at less than $5. So for us, that’s about P200.

Located inside the Victoria Plaza Complex where other Asian-themed restaurants abound, Probinsya Buffet stands out with its provincial concept, hence the name. From the staff’s uniform to the buffet table’s décor, the restaurant’s theme speaks of traditional Filipino artistry. Even the condiment bowls are made of wood, just like what you might find in a home in the province.

Probinsya Buffet’s tagline “A taste of home” reaches out to city-dwelling probinsyano (from the province) who would like to go back to his hometown, usually in the province. It offers the nostalgic feeling of being back home, sitting on a wooden bench, eating home-cooked meals prepared over a coal oven. For others, the restaurant offers a taste of what it is like to dine on delicious fare served during daily meals and in the case of lunch and dinner, prepared during town fiestas.

Probinsya Buffet is one of the few restaurants in Davao City that serves all-you-can-eat breakfast. This is probably the reason why it is extremely popular among the breakfast crowd. Call center team breakfasts are usually held here, as well as breakfast meetings and early morning fellowships. Breakfast at Probinsya Buffet usually consists of native fern and vegetable salads, dried fish, rice (steamed and fried), longganisa (sausage), tocino (cured meat) and eggs. There’s also a variety of native rice cakes called kakanin that are best paired with coffee or sikwate (hot chocolate).

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Address: Barangay 20-B
Victoria Plaza Compound, Davao City

Phone: +63(82)2251455


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