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4. Let’s Crab Eat!

Let’s Crab Eat - eat all you can restaurant in davao
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Do you prefer sea food than red meat and chicken meat? This eat all you can crab restaurant is famous in Davao City. Only P395 for all of those delicious crabs.

Let’s Crab Eat - davao city
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With my luck, I came here at around 6:00pm right when the one-hour city-wide rotational brownout had just started. I guess that’s one way of showing me that I am actually still in the Philippines. But that was not going to deter me from having my crabilicious feast that night, so I patiently waited for an hour outside its doors for the lights to come back on

The restaurant interiors were simple and casual, similar to all other establishments here in the city. There was nothing here that was too fancy and over the top. Photos and autographs from various celebrities and personalities were lined up on its walls

The All You Can Eat buffet costs P395 per person, which is quite affordable and you can definitely get your money’s worth. Having been waiting for an hour, I was certainly going to make the most out of my crab buffet. I went straight for the main dishes, but they also offered a few side dishes for their diners like salads, soups, and appetizers.

They have fried rice to go with their other viands which include Szechuan shrimps, fish fingers, roast chicken, and vegetables.

But the main attraction were of course the Crabs themselves. They only offer one kind of crab dish which was the Sate Crab. I’m not sure though if they change this occasionally. The crabs were big but it seemed like they were not really that freshly cooked. Maybe it was because of the brownout and they were just reheated. They were mostly just so-so to me.

For the complete story, go here:
Address: F. Torres St.,
Davao City, Philippines
Phone number: 282-2722

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