Eat All You Can at EDSA Shangri-La’s Heat Buffet

EDSA Shangri-La's Heat Buffet
EDSA Shangri-La’s Heat Buffet

My Mother is very passionate for Continental food. So I have planned a dinner Buffet at Shangrila Heat Buffet on her Birthday next week. Heat is an international buffet restaurant located at Edsa Shangrila Manila where they serve Asian and Continental dishes in a resort-like environment. But before visiting Heat Shangrila Buffet, I surfed down the internet for its food and service, to get a better review of Heat Shangrila Restaurant. Moreover, Heat Shangrila has revised its Buffet Price at Php 888 per person from July 1 to August 31.

Review of Heat Shangrila Buffet from Personal Blogs

Joaquin of has reviewed about Heat Buffet. He loved the food and the variety of dishes available at Heat Shangrila Restaurant.

HEAT knows how to start you off! A great selection of cheeses, breads, honey, and grapes. I loved that they have pistachios without shells. without. shells. Amazing.

Though not part of the actual buffet, they have an iced tea section that you can enjoy for an extra amount. Wine is available as well. We decided to focus on the millions of kinds of food that were a part of the buffet.

Like I said, good buffets have good sushi bars. However, great buffets have great steak! Good steak is hard to come by in setups like these, but HEAT has some good, tender steak for you to enjoy in all its medium rare glory.

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Sushi Bars at Heat Buffet
Sushi Bars at Heat Buffet

Another Review of Heat Buffet at EDSA Shangri-La is by Geoffrey Ledesma of He went there for lunch. Luckily he already had a reservation for lunch at Heat Buffet else he would had to wait for a long time as there was no unreserved table.

If you’re planning to go there, I suggest you call their hotline for reservations first; otherwise you’ll end up waiting for so long. And take note, they’re not open the whole day.

Everything was delicious! There was Japanese food, Filipino specialties, and lots of either delicious dishes from different cultures. My personal favorites were the Spare ribs and Peking Duck. These are must-tries! You should ask for them when you visit Heat.

For me though, the best dishes there were the desserts. I’m not just being biased here because everyone loves desserts, especially me who’s extra appreciative of sugary treats. The desserts really are  very tasty here, I can confidently say among the different buffets where I’ve been, the desserts here are the best.  Try everything and you won’t get disappointed. I especially loved the penna cottas, the crepes, and the ice cream.

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Heat Buffet
Desserts at Heat Buffet

Florence of also reviewed about Heat Shangrila buffet.

I am impressed how they prepare our food right on the spot – everything in its transparent form so to assure that what you are about to eat is fresh and clean. The staff are very courteous and they make themselves readily available in assisting our needs. The entire restaurant is clean, properly lit and most tables are clearly set as soon as the guests leave. The food is more than impressive and how we all wish to have all the time to taste everything in small portions. If I clearly recalled, I had three plates of full meal (we came really prepared)  and spent more time at the dessert bar, which by the way is all created by Edsa Shangri-La Manila’s Pastry team. Will I come back? Of course, yes! In fact, I’ve been there twice up to date.

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Cheese, bread and cold cuts station at Heat Buffet
Cheese, bread and cold cuts station at Heat Buffet
EDSA Shangri-La’s Heat Buffet Price

Heat Buffet is offering Buffet at Php 888 per person for diners of 5 or more for promo period July 1 to August 31. Lunch Buffet is available from Mondays to Saturdays. Dinner Buffet is available from Sundays to Thursdays.

heat buffet price

So, I think having dinner Buffet at Heat would be the best option especially in the Promo offer Period. And also, I will have to get the reservations done in advance for Sunday. WOW! I am very eager. Finally, I will be visiting Heat this weekend. My Mom would be super-excited upon this idea !

Heat Buffet Shangrila Video Review of Kris (courtesy of ABSCBN)

Negative Review of Heat Buffet at EDSA Shangri-La

Theresa of did not liked the quality of food at Heat Buffet. She found that shell fishes were hard. She could not even chew it properly. Moreover the seafood, especially the crab was huge and has crab fat.

Hard Shell
Hard Shell Fishes at Heat Buffet

Out of 5, I will rate this as 3 star despite I’m a HEAT fanatic. Well, the quality of food they served were Lowered. I expected this at some point since it’s a promo. Compared to my last visit, everything seems ordinary from appetizers to main and down to my fave part, dessert. Yes, it broke my heart!

Their cheese choices were limited. And their bread? It’s hard as rock! :O

Their Seafoods particularly their crab, is huge and has a crab fat! Nom!
Though the other shell fishes were really hard. I can’t even chew it. It’s seems that it’s a rubber! eek!
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Stale, Hard Breads at Heat Buffet
Stale, Hard Breads at Heat Buffet
Review of People around Twitter World for Shangrila Heat Buffet

Review of People on Facebook for Shangrila Heat Buffet

Heat Buffet Review from fb

Heat Buffet Review from fb

Heat Buffet Review from fb


Address of EDSA Shangri-La’s Heat Buffet 

G/F EDSA Shangri-la Hotel,
1 Garden Way,
Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City,Philippines

Contact Number
(02) 633-8888 loc 2777 or 2739


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