Eat All You Can at Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant

  • Where: Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant Tagaytay
  • When: October 26, 2012 Friday holiday
  • Who: Chazper, Supergandakoh, in-laws
  • Why: Road trip, food trip and nature trip (trip trip lang)
  • How: Called Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant @ 0917 758 5500 for a reservation, no need to buy a coupon from other websites!
  • For the journey: GPS assisted driving using Latitude Application and Samsung Galaxy Tab (but still got lost for a while because of the fog). So to help you with the directions, check map below.


We left Manila at 7:00am, I should have not went through skyway since it’s early, a holiday and signal no. 1 so there’s no traffic to avoid. But if you don’t mind spending around 200 pesos go ahead (can’t remember exactly how much but I pulled out two 100 peso bill) I must admit this was my first time to visit Tagaytay.

We stopped by a pineapple plantation along the road, my in-law tried to haggle but “Tatang” (vendor) won’t give in… Maybe if we parked away from sight we could have a fighting chance 🙂

We got lost because of the thick fog. The only land mark we were looking for is Gerry’s Grill (it’s not directly along the road but a little bit at the side of the area) It’s a big signage on our left after passing the circle (intersection). We might have missed it a couple of times even when we asked the locals and made two calls to Celina asking for directions. Imagine our frustration ‘coz we kept circling that area with our hungry stomachs growling! Lol. Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant signage is so small, it’s easy to overlook, hope they can do something about it (see first photo on this post).

Their official address in their Facebook page doesn’t help much or I just don’t know how to read maps ^_^

Unit 3 Vista Point Complex, Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maharlika West (besides Gerry’s grill and in front of Robinsons Tagaytay), 4120 Tagaytay City

it say’s Aguinaldo Highway, but it  is NOT! We took the wrong turn when we turned right to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Just type-in Gerry’s Grill Tagaytay in Google map (see below). So as you are coming from Tagaytay Calamba Road and you reach Tagaytay City circle (intersection), don’t turn right to Emilio Aguinaldo Highway. Just go straight to Tagaytay Nasugbu Highway.

At last we arrived at Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant around 10:00am, still 30 minutes early. The crew were still setting up the tables outside but the food is ready. They were kind enough to allow us to start even if the official opening time is 10:30am. Wohoo! Eat all you can at last!


It’s mainly Filipino food for Php 299 (PROMO) so don’t expect a large variety of dishes like at Dad’s Ultimate Buffet worth 695 pesos. Nevertheless, mabubusog ka rin naman 🙂


The food was kept warm. They check the buffet often to replenish it. And most importantly the taste is good enough for me.


Since I’m a kapangpangan coming from a family of food lovers, I immediately tried their kare-kare. I heard that it is delicious. After my first bite I agree with them, even without the bagoong it is delicious. But I must say that my family’s kare-kare is far delicious than theirs ‘coz we use more pork meat (not just the fat or the pata for the linamnam), peanut and coconut milk. But to be fair, for a commercial kare-kare I give it a 4 out of 5. Just ask for a bagoong if you are too early like us, it was not available in the buffet table when we started.



Since this is eat all you can, I ate a lot of sea foods ‘coz it’s healthier and more expensive than pork (para sulit na sulit). The fish fillet and their grilled tilapia are good. I just wish they had a different soup to match them ‘coz I believe not everyone likes pinapaitan, especially if you know why it taste mapait or bitter.









If you want a good view of Taal volcano (the volcano inside the lake) and enjoy an eat all you can buffet with your family and friends, this is a perfect spot. Just make sure that it’s not raining, else you might not able to view that volcano because of the fog.




If you are courting someone, this is a good place to take her family. There are good musicians (see video), just prepare for a list of old songs (like her parent’s theme song)  for you to request 🙂

(At the middle of the video, listen to the band)

Take note: There are no speakers! But the volume of her voice is unbelievable!



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