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Cripsy-Crablets at Cabalen

If you are in Quezon City and you are carving for Filipino Food, then there is certainly no other place better than Cabalen Restaurant. Since 25 years, Cabalen has been serving people with its amazing buffet at a very reasonable price. Cabalen features Filipino and other Asian dishes and is well known for their “Kapampangan” style of dishes. Cabalen Buffet is available just at a price of P298.

Review of Cabalen Buffet from Personal Blogs

Ted of reviewed about Cabalen Buffet at Glorietta. He visited there with his two blogger friends. He really enjoyed the food over the Cabalen Buffet. He also loved the ambiance of the Cabalen Restaurant.

Selection of Sisigs at Cabalen Buffet
Selection of Sisigs at Cabalen Buffet

For appetizers, I decided to go Asian. I did not know that Cabalen nows offers Asian cuisine in addition to their Filipino cuisine.  For an additional Ph 30 only, you get to savor Asian dishes as well.  This option is available only in 4 selected outlets of Cabalen:  Glorietta, SM MegaMall, Trinoma and Clark branches.

They did not have my favorite sashimi but they had the Spicy Tuna Salad which satisfied my raw fish cravings.  Tempuras were nice serve with thier a little bit sweeter Tempura Sauce.

The selection of Sisigs was a delight.  You can go healthy or go Yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We tried both the extremes when Azrael order the Tokwa and the Pork versions.  Both were really good!  Azrael said that the Pork Sisig tasted like the original Aling Lucing’s original Sisig he tried in Pampanga. Of course, the Fiesta or any Filipino celebrations will not be complete without the “Turkey” of Philippine tradition, the Lechon (Roasted Pig).  They served Lechon de Leche (Roasted Piglet).

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Lechon De Leche at Cabalen Buffet
Lechon De Leche at Cabalen Buffet

Michelle of visited Cabalen Buffet with her friends. She loved the food served at Cabalen Buffet.

Filipino Food Station at Cabalen Buffet
Filipino Food Station at Cabalen Buffet

The crispy kang-kong is a must try, they make yummy tartar dip for that. They also have great Filipino viand to choose from like Kare-Kare (oxtail cooked in peanut sauce), Lechon (roasted pork), Pinakbet (sauteed mixed vegetables) and other Filipino trademark foods.

Take note that Cabalen buffet serves authentic Filipino dishes but some branches also have Asian selection ( Chinese and Japanese foods) so prices varies. It’s Php 398 for Filipino-Asian Buffet and Php 298 for All Filipino Buffet. Add Php 40 for drinks.

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Make Your Halo-Halo Dessert at Cabalen Buffet
Make Your Halo-Halo Dessert at Cabalen Buffet

Another review is from the blog He visited Cabalen’s SM Cebu branch on his brother’s birthday. He was very satisfied with the Buffet and enjoyed it very much with his family.

They do offer very delicious dishes as what they are popularly known for. They also offer lechon during dinner. Though, the sad part is they are not very keen on refilling the almost emptied items. My favorites where the battered kangkong leaves, binagoongang baboy, yellow rice(my favorite, though a bit oily), different kinds of kinilaw, kare-kare, chocolate and marshmallows, the pink maja-like dessert and my favorite, do-it-yourself halo-halo.

Would you blame me if I had another round? For only P298, it is well worth the price considering the yummy offerings they had. Drinks aren’t as expensive as I thought it would be. So definitely a bucks’ worth.

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Food at Cabalen Buffet
Food at Cabalen Buffet


Negative Review of Cabalen Buffet from Personal Blogs

Krizza of visited Cabalen with her family during vacations. But she was very disappointed with the service staff at Cabalen Buffet. Moreover, no table napkins were kept along the dinner. This was quite disappointing for her.

We didn’t have a chance to take pictures of some main dishes because it was getting crowded at the area that time. I was a bit disappointed as some service staff were not attentive and never replenish the empty chafing dish on the buffet table right away even after you have already called their attention.  In fact, they never responded with a yes or a no after being asked.  I also noticed that they don’t place table napkins on the table. How do they expect us to get along eating if like that?  On the second thoughts, maybe they are worried that some food items will be wrapped on tissues?  Well, I really don’t know (lol)

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 Cabalen Youtube Video

Here is a quick family video shot of Mr. Nides Aranzamendez of a walkthrough of Cabalen’s Buffet featuring Filipino and Asia cuisine at their Trinoma North branch in Quezon City.

Cabalen Buffet Price

The Cabalen Buffet is focused primarily on traditional home-cooked food the Kapampangan way.

cabalen buffet price

Refreshers Price
Refreshers Price
Review of People around the Twitter World for Cabalen Buffet

Review of People on facebook for Cabalen Buffet

cabalen buffet review on fb

cabalen buffet review on fb

cabalen buffet review on fb

Branches of Cabalen Restaurant

There are 10 branches of Cabalen Restaurant in Philippines :

West Avenue 
Address: 67 West Avenue, QC
Contact No.: 373 2914 or 372 3515

Robinsons Starmills
Address: G/L Robinsons Starmills, San Fernando, Pampanga
Contact No.: 045 636 3536

Ayala Mall Subic
Address: G/L Harbor Point Ayala Mall, Rizal Highway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Contact No.: (047) 251-1011

Robinsons Place Manila
Address: G/L Robinsons Place Manila
Contact No.: 536 7987

SM City Clark
Address: G/L SM City Clark
Contact No.: 045 499 0245

Cabalen Fiesta Market
Address: G/F Market Market East Mall, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No.: 728-2930

SM City Cebu
Address: G/L SM City Cebu North Wing
Contact No.: 032 2385840 or 032 5050821

Alabang Town Center
Address: G/F Entertainment Complex, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa
Contact No.: 809-6698

Address: 2/L Trinoma Mall
Contact No.: 901 3602

Glorietta 2
Address: 2/L Glorietta 2
Contact No.: 893 9884

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