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Samgyeopsal (삼겹살; Korean pronunciation: [samɡjʌp̚sal]) is a popular Korean dish. Commonly served as an evening meal, it consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat (similar to uncured bacon). The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is often dipped into a spicy pepper paste.


If you crave for Korean food like Samgyeopsal and you are just around Quezon City, then you are in luck! CouchWasabi of has found a good eat all you can restaurant in Quezon City that serves unlimited Sangyupsal and Korean sidings buffet for only Php299.00 per head.


don-day korean restaurant quezon city
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For the price, the buffet looks charming enough to make anyone happy. I wasn’t able to taste all the food on the buffet table though. Among my favorites are the potato marbles in red sauce, beansprout with chili powder, seaweed dish, tamago dish, onion rings (because I am such a sucker for big onion rings), and of course, the veggies for Samgyupsal. Most of the items on the table are deep fried or breaded. Desserts come in the form of fresh fruits like pineapple and papaya. Oh. And, by the way, I skipped Japchae and rice because I am on a diet.

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Using Google map to go there is quiet confusing because there are two branches that are showing up in Quezon City. So let’s stick with their FB Fanpage, what we are looking for is the one near Klownz Comedy Bar.

  • Don Day Korean Restaurant Address and Contact Number

  • 2G-5 Sunshine Boulevard Plaza (near Klownz Comedy Bar),
  • Quezon Ave. corner Scout Santiago
  • Barangay South Triangle Q.C.
  • 0906 331 0201

Another review of the same restaurant (Antipolo branch) is from Eunice from It’s her first time to eat in a Korean restaurant and she has enjoyed dining there at Don Day.

Eunice at Don Day Korean Restaurant

There, we enjoyed different sets of Korean delicacies from sushi, kimchi, shanghai, onion rings, etc. I can say the food tastes good. But sadly, I have only returned twice in the food table because my tummy can’t handle too many foods. :)

The best part of the eating portion is when we grilled pork or what Koreans called as “Samyeongpsal”. I enjoyed the grilling process though my hands got tired upon checking if the pork is already cooked or not. :)

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I don’t know how the above Philippine branches compared with the real Korean branch. Below is a review video of the Bucheon’s South Korea branch. Not sure if it is all you can eat though, but it sure look delicious!


Don Day Restaurant – Real People’s Experience @ Twitter

As I was looking at the photos posted by these tweeps, I really wanted to go there with my family. This restaurant is definitely on my visit list. I’ll do an update of this post… stay tune! 🙂


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