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The Preparation for an Eat All You Can Buffet (Tips)


Me: Hi, we are in CityBuffet. And we are here to celebrate my first sale. Online sale in one of my affiliate product. And before we head-out here in CityBuffet, we drank some pineapple juice. Fresh pineapple juice processed from our juicer. After 20 minutes, you can eat meat and it will help facilitate its digestion… fish, chicken, pork. And also, if you want to eat some rice or anything with carbo, you need to take one spoon of honey with bee pollen. That should be RAW honey. All of which will help facilitate your digestion by having some live enzymes help breakdown the protein, the carbs. So that you can eat as much as you want (without bloating) in a very limited time from  11:00am to 2:30pm… they are open for fish (seafood day) eat all you can here in Glorieta??


Wifey: No, it’s Robinson.


Me: Oh! Robinson! ha ha ha. Robinson Galleria here in Ortigas along Edsa. They are on the top level floor (4th Floor). They have a signage here; CityBuffet Restaurant. Only for around 500 pesos… and this one is a little bit cheaper than Dad’s Ultimate Buffet but you  still have a great variety of food. So check it out!


The Food


I had some difficulties taking some pictures because of the number of people and close space between buffet tables. I have no pictures of the salad and the dessert. But they sure have some great dessert. I like the chocolate cake (almost taste like Goldilocks’s Black Forest… almost). They also have ice-cream and halo-halo but I didn’t indulge myself because of my Eat All You Can strategy (i.e. do not eat meat with milk). Milk should be taken ALONE. Each protein requires a specific character and strength of digestive juice to be secreted. In any case, my wife doesn’t care as she had two rounds of ice-cream  The cake that I had I admit must had some milk, but I want some dessert… kahit konti lang 🙁



The Place

Nice ambiance, the design of the place looks luxurious.    

 Closer Look at the Food

  The pizza’s toppings are ok but the dough taste like a cheap street pizza.    Adobong Kangkong hmmmm… Chickboy’s kangkong is much tastier.   Don’t take too much of these or let anyone from your group go on a rampage picking these. I advise you just take some and go back if you want another round. My wife took one of each kind and left me eating a lot of them in the end. Tasty, but I try to stay away from raw food because this is my first time to eat here. Don’t know if these easily goes bad. My stomach is very sensitive on spoiled food. But good news, nothing happened. 🙂     The service is good, they always takeout empty/used plates without the need to call them. I read some negative reviews about these, but I think CityBuffet Restaurant learned their lesson and properly trained their people. I also saw a supervisor always checking the food if it needs to be replenished. Thumbs-up!


Most of the foods are great but the baked mussels taste bland… said my wife. What I like is their garlic shrimp, again I’m a Kapangpangan so I love anything with lots of garlic!

I don’t know why they call it as Sea Food day, although there are sea foods, there are also chicken and pork…. like the pork sisig; crunchy and yummy! Too many fats though… so be gentle with your heart 🙂

The crabs are a little bit small. In any case I didn’t like to eat them ‘coz I have difficulty taking out the meat. I took one piece from my wife and tried… much effort… small quantity of meat, not worth the effort. 😛




 Here’s their schedule in Robinson Galleria Ortigas branch.


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