Cici’s Pizza Buffet Review: The wallet friendly Restaurant!!

Cici’s Pizza Buffet Review

Cici’s Pizza Buffet Review

Is Cici’s pizza a buffet? It is and I know for Pizza lovers it is difficult to imagine that such reality can even exist.

Pizzas and buffets – two great concepts mixed together; what can go wrong?

Being a pizza lover myself, and someone who grew up with Ninja Turtles and their voracious appetite for pizza, Cici’s pizza buffet seems like heaven. Freshly made pizzas in abundance and there is no one who will ask you to stop – I mean if this is not what heaven is then what else it can be (specially for foodies)

Before we go deep in the Cici’s Pizza buffet review, it is great to know that cheap is almost always considered as a rip-off. No matter where you go, you will always look at a cheap deal suspiciously and you will automatically lower your expectations however with Cici’s who have almost built an empire on the concept of family friendly restaurants that may not be entirely the case. There are caveats and problems but all in all, compared to the price they have – they deliver.

Major information before we move forward!

Cici’s Pizza buffet price per personCategoryMin (Deals)MaxAvg
How much is cici pizza buffet per person?Adult$5 or less$5.99$5.45
Cici Pizza Child buffet?Kids < 10$3.49
Cici’s Pizza buffet closest to my location
Cici’s Pizza buffet menu
How much is the cost of Drinks?AssortmentPrice  
How much does Cici’s Pizza buffet cost?Approx. $8

So whether you are wondering about where is the nearest cici pizza buffet, or where is Cici’s Pizza bakersfield CA or if you are travelling somewhere in Utah and are looking for Cici’s Pizza Utah locations; we have you all covered on that front.

Where is cici pizza buffet? Inside every Cici’s Pizza restaurant 🙂

What is cici pizza phone number? Check the nearest location, proper contact information will be available.

The atmosphere at Cici’s Pizza:

It is warm, simple a bit noisy when big families are dining out but that must be expected. It is after all a business built around family dining experience. Could do with more color but since I am mostly there for cheap pizza – nothing else matters 🙂

The staff is nice, service is quick and it is difficult to pinpoint problems in general.

In terms of ambience: 4/5 (simplistic but effective)

The food at Cici’s Pizza:

Pizzas, Pasta, Salad and Sweets – barring the pasta and salad which are not the greatest everything else meets the bill perfectly. The cinnamon rolls are a bit too sweet but kids love them enormously, for others it is just about enjoying the main course a bit more.

This is of course Cici’s Pizza buffet review so needless to say Cici’s pizza is all you can eat. If you can get coupons for Cici’s Pizza – that is even better. The quality of the food is not first class but in terms of dollar value – it is first rate.

Buffet Tip: Macaroni and Cheese is a delight – if you wait for it you will be better off. Simple toppings are often unexpectedly great.

Food: 4.5/5 –Of course more quantity than quality but hey you knew about that before you walked in

What people think about Cici’s Pizza:

 For people who are vegetarian or vegan and like or liked Cici’s Pizza a few good reads and opinions

cici pizza buffet price

Great but lacking some gluten free options in the opinion of this blogger

cici pizza buffet menu

For others, it is not just about gluten free options but comparing Cici’s to more established names like Domino’s “Cici’s crust is a step above Domino’s

cici pizza child buffet

And lastly looking through the eye of time where you can read a complete review on Cici’s in San Diego

what is cici pizza phone number

The Restaurant Makes Steady Buzz In The Social Universe

Fund Raising for School


And the massive queue that Cici’s Pizza is capable to create


And if you are unable to believe that the offer is real, here is proof

And just to see how the restaurant really looks like

Why it works:

Two words: Unlimited Pizza 🙂

Why it does not work:

 If you are solely looking for a quality pizza – this is not the place

Should you go there?


Should you go there often?

 For adults – once or twice a month would be the max. Kids may make you go there often (also turns out to be the cheapest option with kids)

Final Verdict:


Wallet friendly, simple and a working idea of course not the highest quality but at this price definitely a bargain!!!

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