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If you want to experience  International Cuisine on a Eat All You Can (Buffet) Five – Star Restaurant Setting, then I would suggest Buffet 101 International Cuisine Restaurant. It is the only Restaurant that provides International Cuisine like Chinese food, Japanese food, American food etc in a five-star restaurant like setting. Desserts are also served.  It provides Eat and Drink All You Lunch buffet at P699 and Dinner Buffet at P950.

Buffet 101 Review From Personal Blogs

Mariane of thechroniclesofmariane.blogspot.in visited SM Mall of Asia branch of Buffet 101 International cuisine with her family. She really enjoyed her visit to Buffet 101.

Accessibility/Location: 5 – You’ll never get lost finding Buffet 101 as it’s location is superb! You can even do shopping at the nearby Mall of Asia afterwards to burn off those calories from eating.

Ambiance/Staff: 5 – The look and feel of the place was relaxed but still had this glamoruous edge because of the detailed interior, grand lighting with the enormous chandeliers, and the presentation of the food. The staff were courteous and gave me a 5% discount on my total bill for a reason that up to know I could not comprehend (maybe because I paid in cash?)

Food: 4.5 – The food selection was a feast to both my eyes and tummy! I had favorites among them but overall, the variety of cuisine offers something for everyone of different tastes.

Price: 5 – For the price and the selection available, it was “sulit”. Bang for the buck, yes!

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Different types of Sushi at Buffet 101
Different types of Sushi at Buffet 101

Another review is by Fran of frannywanny.com. She visited Buffet 101 International Cuisine in Robinsons Magnolia with her family on Christmas Eve. She really loved the ambiance at Buffet 101. Of all, she really relished Chinese and Japanese dishes.

buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia

Take a look at the rising popularity of Yakimix and Sambokojin where you can grill and eat all you can! Taking inspiration from the posh hotel buffets, Buffet 101 gives you hotel-like ambiance at a lower cost.

I was impressed with the wide variety of buffet items available. They really got everything for you! There’s a Chinese section that serves really good steamed suahe, make sure to ask for it as it’s not out on display. I also liked the Peking Duck and dimsum selection as well.

Moving on to the Japanese station, there’s a lot of sushi creations but do try with caution. Some may just be too weird for your taste. The tempura was also very good!

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buffet 101 Robinsons MagnoliaJoei of joeiandme.com also reviewed Buffet 101 at SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

One perk of Buffet 101 over Vikings is that Buffet 101 is only a block away from the Mall of Asia Arena, where we were. It’s beside the big ferris wheel so it’ll be hard to miss.

I can’t describe every single dish because there’s too much food! I’ll just mention my favorites like the White Pepper Crabs and Singapore Shrimps.

I like the Spicy Chicken beside the Stuffed Tomatoes. But it’s really spicy! Like eating raw chili pepper.

Thumbs Up!
Place is clean and well-lighted.
Lots of different food selections.
They have a fruit shake section, which other buffets don’t have.

Thumbs Down!
A bit far from Mall of Asia but still a walking distance.

Yes, we’ll eat here again but definitely not every weekend. Maybe once every few months.

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buffet 101 sm mall of aisa

Negative review of Buffet 101 From Personal Blogs

Mr_jeng of foodinthebag.blogspot.in visited Buffet 101 SM Mall of Asia. But he did not relished the food much. He was disappointed on the Japanese section especially the tempura. Many of the dishes were not cooked properly and were very hard. Moreover, the variety in the desserts section was also very disappointing.

They served some soba but the sauce was too sweet. I preferred family mart’sversion more. They also served tempura. Sadly, it was always almost gone. I was able to taste a few and it was freshly made. I noticed though that at around 1:00pm they never replenished the tempura. Maybe it took a longer time? Not sure though. As I said, dessert was disappointing. They had pastries, fruits and candies but they even served cakes from Red Ribbon. Almost everything was dry. The price is very competitive seeing what they offer compared to other buffet restaurant in the metro. I believe their only main competitor in this field would be Vikings. Honestly, I would go for Vikings compared to buffet 101. For me, Vikings has more quality food items to offer. Read More of the Review Here

Dessert Section did not had much variety. Most of the items were dry at buffet 101
Dessert Section did not had much variety. Most of the items were dry.

  Blissfulguro of blissfulguro.com visited Buffet 101 at Robinson’s Magnolia. She did not relished her buffet over Buffet 101. She mentioned that she would go to Vikings than Buffet 101 for the Buffet.

Moving on, we had some pizza which were just ok. I also had blueberry and strawberry crepe which tasted bad. And everything tasted just normal and ok. Nothing stood out. Drinks were free flowing and you can choose from sodas, juices, hot stuff and fresh fruit shakes. And so we moved on to the desserts. I only had fresh fruits and nothing fancy at all. We also had watermelon shakes (pineapple was the other option for that day) which took years before they could serve it. Compared to my Vikings food trip, this one didn’t even touch my foodie soul. Maybe because of the very snobbish staff. Or maybe because of the bad buffet floor plan and traffic. Or maybe because of the not-so-comfy seats and odd table height. See, I am not even mentioning the quality of their food ‘coz I think my buffet food palate is not that reliable in the first place.


Buffet 101 Buffet Rates

Buffet 101 provides International Cuisine including Chinese food, Japanese food, American food etc in a five-star restaurant like setting in its Eat All You Can Buffet. Desserts are also served. buffet 101 buffet rates

You can watch the video for the review of Buffet 101 International Cuisine:

Umm…Well, just comprising for the desserts part, Buffet 101 provides really a great variety in its buffet and that too in 5-Star Restaurant environment especially the Japanese section and the Seafood section. So next week on Anki’s Birthday I will surely try Buffet 101.

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Buffet 101 Branches Address & Contact Number

Buffet 101 International Cuisine has two branches – One is in Robinsons Magnolia and the other one is in SM Mall of Asia.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
San Miguel by the bay, SM Mall of Asia
Tel Nos: 556-2888, 556-3888
Operation Hours: 11:00am-2:30pm,5:30pm-10:00pm

Buffet 101 International Cuisine
Robinson’s Magnolia
Aurora Blvd. corner Dona M.Hemady street,
New Manila. Quezon City
Tel No.: (02)961-2291, 961-2926, 961-3025.

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