7 Best Eat All You Can In Cebu

3. The Bada

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - The Bada

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The long list of eat all you can restaurants in Cebu range from authentic Filipino and Asian cuisines and extends even to delectable Western delicacies. The Bada is only one of the most popular Korean buffet restaurants that makes Metro Cebu a top tourist spot.

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - The Bada

Photo source: http://cebufinest.com/

… the best among the rest. Of course, meat! But they didn’t take away the Korean touch. They put on Kimchi which made it spicy. The smooth texture and the sweetness of the meat makes you forget the spiciness of the Kimchi. Ah! It’s a lure. Haha… To make a person eat it without really noticing the smell of Kimchi.

The side dishes were all spicy but I enjoy the spice in it. Now, I’m used to the smell of Kimchi so I was enjoying it especially the radish kimchi. After a few more minutes, our orders arrived! The seafood ramen was in a really big bowl! I didn’t expect that! Haha. The order was enough for the three of us!

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They offer a huge variety of Korean dishes, from the famous Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) which you can absolutely enjoy with friends and office mates, to authentic soups and rice meals. Paired with your favorite soda or a cold bottle of beer, you will surely stay at The Bada Korean Restaurant longer than you’ve expected.

What’s best with Korean cooking is that you know it’s authentic because it will be served a bit later. The best Korean dishes are prepared the best way possible: slow cooking. Not instant-inside-a-tin-can, but carefully mixed by hand, like your moms do at home.

More on: http://cebufinest.com/

Contact Information

Address: 9-3 Escario Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu

Phone: (032) 5185445

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