7 Best Eat All You Can In Cebu

2. King One Rotary Hot Pot

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - King One Rotary Hot Pot

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The sister restaurant of the very popular eat all you can restaurant Yakimix, King One Rotary Hot Pot offers one of the best eat all you can in Cebu dining experiences for only as low as PHP499.00!  It is best known for being a conveyor belt shabu-shabu restaurant.

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - King One Rotary Hot Pot

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What made our dining experience good were a few pleasant surprises the restaurant gave us. We got a complimentary food platter that was neither on the menu or the order slip. They gave us half or a ripe mango, a few pineapple slices, some watermelon slices, and a serving of ripe papaya slices.

When we got our bill, they gave us a 5% discount. We did not know what that was for. And we did not bother to ask. They also gave us discount coupons. They sure know how to keep us coming back for the a kingly dining experience.

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… For a rate such as theirs in comparison to the selections available and the quality of food served with the ambiance they provide, I would say it was one King meal! Unlike the other buffet restaurants where the price is yet to be added with VAT, King One has its price upfront. Customers won’t feel cheated. This having said, I am giving King One my seal of approval.

Not everything is perfect though, I hope King One will welcome suggestions like finding a quicker way to refill their dessert stand with cakes and desserts for it seems they are having a hard time coping up with the demand aside from there was not much varieties on display.  The same is true with their ebi tempura and lechon kawali.  There are times when the serving plates were empty. …

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Contact Information

Address: 2nd floor, City Time Square, Mantawe Avenue NRA, Brg., Tipolo, Mandaue City, Cebu

Phone: (032) 505-9786 and (032) 505-9748

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