7 Best Eat All You Can In Cebu

1. Feria in Radisson Blu

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - Feria in Radisson Blu

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Radisson Blu is a popular 5-star hotel in Cebu City. Among the various amenities that it offers its guests, Radisson Blu has an in-house all-day buffet restaurant known as the Feria. As one of the best eat all you can in Cebu, Radisson Blu’s Feria offers Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Western, and, of course, Filipino cuisines.

Best Eat All You Can In Cebu - Feria in Radisson Blu

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We enjoyed our first meal in Cebu at Feria that we actually ate there again for dinner before heading back to the airport. Some of the dishes were the same such as the sushi selection, the salads, noodles and lechon but everything else were unique and new.

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If you want five-star service, Feria won’t let you down. The whole wait staff is very attentive and polite. They are also very well-trained about the dishes that they serve. So, if you have questions about particular dishes or perhaps a special request, just ask away. They will gladly give you the answer that you need. They’d even give you suggestions and recommendations!

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The space was really wide. You can opt to be seated near the banquet, or inside the dome like structure where they display Japanese dishes or be enclosed in a partition for large gatherings.One had to wear something rather pleasant considering that this is a 5-star hotel. I had to dress up for the occasion. It’s not really mandated but you would feel like a fish out of the sea if you wear casual clothes. This is not any ordinary buffet place.

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They served buffet / eat all you can meal for only ₱1,550, and what’s more exciting is that, they will offer 50% off every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It means that they’re suggesting to come and dine at Feria Restaurant of Radisson Blu and get the opportunity to have a delectable experience of the international cuisine they offer, freshly cooked and perfectly designed by their International Chefs.

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Contact Information

Address: Sergio Osmeña Boulevard, 6000, Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

Phone: (032) 402 9900

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What’s so unique about Radisson Blu’s Feria that diners absolutely adore is its dancing wait staff. They just surprise customers and guests with a flash mob that’s sure to put a smile on any diner’s face. Check out their Uptown Funk version on the video below!

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