7 Eat All You Can Pampanga

Eat All You Can Pampanga

I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food. – Sarah Michelle Gellar

No one ever likes being deprived of the chance to have a good meal. That is why we always strive to find the best deals for our meals so we could enjoy exactly what our money is worth (or more than our money’s worth!). Pampanga is one of the places in the entire Philippines that is best known for unique and great-tasting delicacies, which has led to the birth of thousands of restaurants and food joints that focuses on serving Pampanga’s best food.

Not only that — it also led to the growth of Pampanga’s food industry which includes the opening of numerous eat all you can restaurants in the province. Check out this list to find the top 7 best eat all you can Pampanga restaurants that promise to cater to your food needs and satisfy your seemingly never-ending cravings for great food.

1. 19 Copung Copung Grill

Eat All You Can Pampanga - 19 Copung Copung Grill

Photo credit: http://www.annalyn.net/

If you’re looking for a feel of native Kapampangan cuisine, then 19 Copung Copung Grill is the place for you! It offers buffet spreads that consists of local dishes together with exotic Kapampangan delicacies. On top of it all, 19 Copung Copung Grill also has a very Filipino ambiance made possible by its use of nipa huts and even banana leaves.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - 19 Copung Copung Grill

Photo credit: http://outoftownblog.com/

If you’re looking for a place serving delicious and exotic Kapampangan dishes, 19 Copung-Copung is a good choice. The resto resembles a traditional Filipino buffet setup, complete with nipa huts, wooden tables and chairs, and servers wearing traditional attires. Their buffet spread offers an array of choices, from crispy crablets and camaru, liempo and bopis, down to adobong balut, binukadkad and frog dishes.

Excerpt from: http://outoftownblog.com/

…the resto serves the culinary specialties of Pampanga like sisig, adobong itik and others too exotic to write about. The waitresses are even garbed in their native Filipino costumes. A great place to drink beer, eat and hang out – the Pinoy way.

Excerpt from: http://www.annalyn.net/

Overall, we had a memorable dining experience at 19 Copung Copung Grill. The food at the buffet is quite extensive and really tastes good. The staff are nice, accommodating and attentive. And the place is really nice and cozy. Just be sure to come here with an empty stomach for you to really enjoy all the dishes at the buffet table. Hahaha!

Excerpt from: http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/

Contact Information

Address: 222 McArthur hi-way, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga

Phone: (045) 892 1922

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2. Mequeni Cafe and Restaurant

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Mequeni Restaurant

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Known for Filipino, Italian, Western, and Japanese cuisines, among others, the Mequeni Cafe and Restaurant offers buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is undoubtedly one of the best in eat all you can Pampanga.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Mequeni Restaurant

Photo credit: http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/

Mequeni restaurant and café is quite okay! I’m very impressed on the Bulgogi, but I’m more curious now on how they serve for lunch and dinner buffet.

I saw the price list here that all buffet meal is priced at Php 1150

breakfast starts at 6am up to 10:30am

So when you plan to check in at Holiday Inn Hotel here in Clark, don’t forget to the breakfast buffet here at Mequeni.

More from: http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/

We went there for night time snacks. Was happy to see that pastries were sold at discounted prices. I guess we came in just before closing time.

My husband ordered croissant,sugar-coated donut and carrot cake for sharing.

My boys had cold chocolate drinks, while me and hubby had coffee (sorry no picture of the coffee).

Can’t say anything extra-ordinary about the pastries and drinks. It was just okay for me. I think I was expecting something extra.

More from: http://juvyann19.blogspot.com/

Contact Information

Address: Holiday Inn Resort, Mimosa Drive, Clark Field , Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga

Phone: +6328451888

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3. Salt Resto

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Salt Resto

Photo credit: http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/

Salt Resto is an in-house buffet restaurant of the Widus Resort and Casino. Despite the simplicity of its name, Salt Resto offers highly sumptuous dishes that range from Korean delicacies to all-time Pinoy favorites.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Salt Resto

Photo credit: http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/

The show kitchen concept is unique as you can see how your food is freshly prepared by the Executive Chef. Is this an added attraction since you will see how the chef prepare and cook your food from scratch to a delicious dish that will indulge your taste buds.

Read more at: http://www.willexplorephilippines.com/

They have a lot of pastry selections from the basic breads to the sophisticated danish ones.  I tried the Hard Rolls and Blueberry Muffins.  They have this cool rotating toaster where you get to drop your pastry and see it toasted and drop at the other end.  I used that for my rolls assisted by a staff.  That’s another plus for Salt. All stations have an assigned staff so assistance is instantaneous.

Read more at: http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com/

Contact Information

Address: 5400 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines

Phone: (045) 499-1000

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4. The Cruise Buffet

Eat All You Can Pampanga - The Cruise Buffet

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The Cruise Buffet has been in existence for a little over two years, and since its opening back in 2013, it has been serving a world-class eat all you can Pampanga dining experience to its beloved customers.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - The Cruise Buffet

Photo credit: http://sleepeatgolf.com/

I consider this to be the most exciting new restaurant to open in Angeles City this year! Yes, I know the year is only three months old and yes, it might have really opened in Dec but believe me, you HAVE to check out this eatery.

Full review at: http://harrythehorse.asia/

The entire restaurant is well themed. No details have been overlooked and no shortcuts have been taken in the interior decorations. Ceilings and lighting in the restaurant are modern and add to the unique ambiance of your dining experience. It’s truly an extraordinary, awe-inspiring atmosphere from the moment you walk in.

The choices are endless and each dish I sampled was delicious. I went out of my way to try unfamiliar dishes and dishes I thought for sure wouldn’t be up to par such as the Chicken Casserole and Pork Meatballs. To my surprise these turned out to be more delicious than I could have imagined! It’s nearly impossible to taste over 20 hot dishes and just as many cold items, but I did my best to sample a little taste from each cuisine.

The price at 599 pesos (approximately $13.31) is extremely competitive, the food is high quality and the taste is excellent. …

Full review at: http://sleepeatgolf.com/

Contact Information

Address: Lot 4, blk 3, Henefel St., Angeles City, Philippines

Phone: +639354033800 | (045) 322-7944

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5. Rodizio Rooftop Grill

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Rodizio Rooftop Grill

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Another major reason to visit Pampanga is the Rodizio Rooftop Grill located at the 7th floor of Holiday Inn. Rodizio Rooftop Grill is best known as the perfect sanctuary of meat lovers due to the wide variety of meat that it serves.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Rodizio Rooftop Grill

Photo credit: http://www.clarkisit.com/

The meats were really great. And there is also awide selection of salads and desserts. And who said they only serve Brazilian? They also mave a Mongolian barbecue with ingredients that include baby scallops, squid Norway and peeled shrimps aside from the usual fare. The buffet lunch at Rodizio is Php790++ and dinner is Php990++

Read the entire review at: http://www.ivanhenares.com/

Here, you can get packed to the hilt on beef and pork sausage, steak tenderloin and sirloin, baby back ribs, lamb shoulder, and teriyaki chicken.  They house plenty of wine varietals from all over the world to match up with their main courses, and while you’re filling up you can get in on some stir fry, roasted vegetables, a salad bar, or the dessert stand where cakes and a fondue fountain await.

Read the entire review at: http://harrythehorse.asia/

Contact Information

Address: 7th Floor Holiday Inn Clark, Mimosa Drive, Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Phone: (023) 845-1888 | (045) 599-8000

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6. Wakamatsu Yakiniku

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Wakamatsu Yakiniku

Photo credit: https://lifein750words.wordpress.com/

Unlike typical buffet restaurants, Wakamatsu Yakiniku does not offer its food on buffet tables; instead, it gives its customers unlimited small servings of the overwhelmingly delicious Japanese dishes it promises.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Wakamatsu Yakiniku

Photo credit: http://www.tummydiary.com/

For their cooked menu, I’ve tried of course their tempura basket – an assortment of shrimp, fish and vegetable tempura. Really crisp, and since by order only, it is served freshly cooked. Dip it in their tempura sauce, and this will definitely compliment your grilled meats. The beef teppanyaki is also a treat, served in a sizzling plate with some vegetable topping.

More on: http://www.tummydiary.com/

The restaurant offers limited variety of Japanese food. There is sushi, sashimi, tempura, kani salad, maki rolls to name a few. Most of the dishes are grilled angus beef, pork, and sea food. You may only get your money’s worth by ordering sushi and sashimi which are really expensive when bought outside. But since there are people who are not fan of fresh meat or fish, they may not be able to enjoy this unlimited treat.

Aside from the limited option of food, the overall taste of the dishes is not that remarkable. Among the dishes that I tried, nothing has stood out. Everything is disappointingly ordinary.

More on: https://lifein750words.wordpress.com/

Contact Information

Address: Lot 24 Block 2 Arayat Cor. S.R. Lim Sts., Diamond Subdivision, Angeles City Pampanga

Phone: (045) 322 6029

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7. Ichiban Mix Buffet and Smokeless Grill

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Ichiban

Photo credit: http://www.charmtan.com/

When talks of eat all you can Pampanga arise, Ichiban Mix Buffet and Smokeless Grill is bound to always be on the list. Ichiban specializes on the sumptuous dishes from Japan, Korea, China, and, of course, the Philippines.

Eat All You Can Pampanga - Ichiban

Photo credit: http://ichibanmixbuffet.com/


Ichiban serves more on Chinese foods. Medyo kaunti lang ang variety.

I liked the salt and pepper spareribs and the grilled shrimps and tempura. …

The dessert station is nothing but store brought “kakanin” from sweet delicacies in Pampanga. Nothing spectacular like the ones in Vikings of Buffet 101. No crepes but they have 2 flavors of ice cream, turon, leche flan and 4 kinds of fruits.

… there are many varieties to grill. But I like the shrimps best.

Check it out at: http://www.binibiningwanderlust.com/

I wanted to bring the entire chafing dish on our table!

Now the last three made me love this buffet. Turon, Butchi and… CHICHARON!!!

I will definitely come back here with the travel buddies.

Check it out at: http://chicsanders22.blogspot.com/

Not bad for a restaurant that’s starting out. For the price, I wish they could improve the hygiene of the food displayed, and choose to leave out certain items off the menu if they could not afford to serve them properly. …

Check it out at: http://www.charmtan.com/

Contact Information

Address: 3rd floor, Kingsborough Bldg. Jose Abad Santos Ave. City of San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga

Phone: +639178001600 | 0454353900

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Truly, Pampanga has an eye for great food. So, the next time you find yourself chillin’ in Pampanga, be sure to check out all of those highly recommended eat all you can Pampanga restaurants and then stop by here for a minute or two and tell us what you think. We’ll be waiting!


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